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Hosting with iSO Network will give you peace of mind and reliability at affordable prices. 

iSO Network is based on the Sunshine Coast. Our servers are managed by the Australian company Net Virtue.

Net Virtue houses it's equipment within the Equinix datacentre located in the heart of Sydney. Data Centre


Equinix is the leading global provider of carrier-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content providers, systems integrators and network services providers.

To see proof of our dedication to choosing only the best service provider for our customers, you only need look as far as your neighbors in the Equinix Data Centre including such names as Yahoo, eBay, Fairfax, Unwired, and many others...


Your website, be it an online store, an online representation of your business or just a blog you may want to make public, is hosted right next to these 'big' names.


Rest assured that Yahoo, eBay, Fairfax, Unwired (and many others) have done their homework, they were looking for a reliable data center which does not go 'off-air'.


Your account will have its own username, password and control panel (cPanel), FTP access, email accounts, CloudFlare, and many other features allowing you to take control of your hosting needs or add additional revenue to your business.


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