Why E-cigarettes Are Convenient Alternative To Smoking!

Why E-cigarettes Are Convenient Alternative To Smoking!

E-cigarettes are battery-operated electronic devices. E-cigarettes produce vaporized nicotine. Users inhale this vapor. It would feel exactly like inhaling tobacco smoke. But the major difference here is that it doesn’t produce smoke at all. They are also referred to as vape pens and e-cigs. If you look at the e-cigs advertisements you can see that most of them focus on its ability help you cut down or stop smoking. But such claims are not proven yet. When did e-cigarettes come into existence? It happened in 2004, in China. Today, millions across the globe are using it. Teenagers have been the major consumers of e-cigs. Studies have proved the same. As per the studies, most of the teenagers started with e-cigs instead of regular cigarettes. May be it has something to do with the convenience it provides.

E-cigarettes facts

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting e-cigarettes facts:

  • E-cigarettes are meant to be the perfect replacement for regular cigarettes. It is convenient option. You don’t burn tobacco here unlike regular cigarettes.
  • Advertisements suggest that e-cigs are helpful in quitting cigarettes. But there is no definite proof for this.
  • E-cigs in appearance resembles to a regular cigarette, pen or a pipe. The best thing about e-cigarettes is that it is really reusable. You can continue to use the device by replacing the refillable cartridge. But you need to keep in mind that some models are disposable as well.
  • A patent for a device was taken in 1963. But the actual device came into existence in 2004 only.
  • A Chinese pharmacist invented e-cigarettes in 2004. But as of now there are close to 500 brands available in the market.

Understanding the working

  • An e-cig in general constitute of a battery, heating element, electronic circuits, mouthpiece and cartridge. The e-liquid inside the mouthpiece will be vaporized by the heating element when you suck on it. Then you can inhale the vapor produced by the device.
  • You can have a control on the content of nicotine as per your requirements.
  • The mouthpiece is nothing but a cartridge. And it holds the e-liquid. You can refill the cartridge as and when you need it. You can also replace it with a new one.
  • We have an atomizer functioning as the heating element.
  • However, you need to have battery power for the heating element to function. Battery is normally rechargeable.
  • There is a sensor inside the mouthpiece which signals the heating element to get into action when the user sucks on it. You will find an LED in it indicating the same.
  • The solution inside the cartridge is known as e-liquid. It is also referred to as e-juice. This solution contains nicotine extract. It usually comes with a flavor. You will be free to choose the flavor you like. E-cigarettes are available in different flavors.
  • E-cigarettes are cost effective compared to regular cigarettes. It is convenient as well. However, it will take a while for you to get adjusted to it. You need to be patient.
Learning More About Vape Juice

Learning More About Vape Juice

First and foremost, we would like to tell you that vape juice is another term used for e-liquid. It is also referred to as e-juice but e-liquid has been the most popular term. But at the same, the term vape juice is getting more popular as well. Here in this article, we would love to provide more information regarding vape juice. We hope that the information we provide here is useful.

The basics

We will start with some basic information. It is important to get the basics right. You need to keep in mind that some people still like to call it oils. Well, this can be totally misleading as oil cannot be used in the e-cigarettes. It may lead to various health hazards. So oils is not at all the right term. You can easily buy vape juice as long as it is not banned in your country. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the vape juice you buy as it undergoes emissions testing before it hits the market. E-liquid produces vapor which is what we inhale. It will be tested to see if there are contaminants in it. In fact, even the flavor compounds will be analyzed thoroughly to make sure that there are no harmful elements in the liquid.

  • This is not applicable in the case of shortfills.
  • Shortfills do not have nicotine in them and therefore it doesn’t have to go through rigorous testing.
  • In fact, shortfills came into existence in order to keep away from restrictions.
  • Shortfills can be all over the spectrum as far as the quality of the e-liquid is concerned.
  • If you have concerns, then you should buy it only from reputed brands.

Things you will find in e-liquid

Well, you will find nicotine in it. Nicotine is what makes you addicted to it. But as far as addiction is concerned, it is the combination of nicotine and other elements. It also contains vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. As far as taste is concerned, it adds to the taste.

CBD e-liquid

We make CBD e-liquid from cannabis plant. Here in this case, you use this to get the therapeutic benefits attached to it. Here the purpose is not to get high.

Storing e-liquid

You need to keep in mind that both taste and color of vape juice gets affected when comes in contact with light and heat. Due to this, you should store it in a dark and cool place. As you know, this is a general instruction for many medicines out there.


Next up, we are going to learn about steeping. It has been observed that steeping has improved the flavor. We have done some testing on our side. And we can confirm that it can affect the flavor. The popularity of e-cigarettes has been on the rice. It came into existence in 2004. A Chinese pharmacist introduced this. Today, you will come across hundreds of brands. And e-liquids are available in various flavors. We hope that you have got the information you have been looking for regarding e-liquids in this article.