Things to know before buying your first e-cigarette

If you are getting interested in buying your first e-cigarette, then you might be a little confused on where to get started. Since vaping is such as huge and competitive market, there’s no shortage of different first timer appropriate kits for you to select from.

There’s a lot of information out there and there’s no doubt you just want to find a single guide to help you. Look no more! This following guide will help you with buying your first e-cigarette and what you need to know.

What is it?

Your vape pen is going to be split into 3 main parts, the coil, the chamber (tank) and battery.

Tank – This is the part that gets filled up with the vape liquid and also include the cartomizer or atomiser. They normally work together as a complete tank system, but it depends on the style of vape you purchase.

Coil – The coil is the part that the battery works to heat up so that it radiated heat and creates the vapour for you to enjoy.

Battery – As you may have guessed already, this is the part of the vape pen that you recharge and that works to heat up the coil.

Protocol when vaping

Many new vapers come out with their e-cigarette Australia and start puffing away obnoxiously without any regard for those around them. While second-hand vape is certainly not the same level of discomforting or toxic as a traditional cigarette, nobody who isn’t consenting should be forced to inhale your vape smog.

Because they don’t produce a combustion effect, and therefore produce no smoke, early adopters used vapes inside of train and at public restaurants as if they were God’s chosen son on earth. Obviously, people caught on to the fact that vaping should still not be done in an enclosed space unless it your own bedroom and your own problem.

The basic rule of thumb for vape etiquette is to threat it exactly like you would a cigarette, which means obvious common-sense things like not doing it around small children or pets. Don’t be the obnoxious person who is constantly holding their vape around their friends, incessantly sucking into it like you have no self-control.

Check out what online reviews are saying

The vape community is huge and diverse, so you should try to leverage all of the expertise and experience in the pool of people when looking for an e-cigarette to buy. Because of how large the market is, there can be a huge difference in quality between one provider and another.

While one brand might have great vape pens, they might have horrible customer service and a messy ordering system that makes them not worth it. This can go both ways, so you need to be careful and do your research before committing.

It could be worthwhile investigating what kind of opinions there are out there and see who the big name vape personalities are. Getting an insider opinion on what’s (actually) good and what’s (actually) bad can be truly invaluable in helping you save money and have a positive first experience with vaping and e-cigarettes.

Start small

Of course, as with anything it’s a good idea to start with baby steps and slowly work your way up to the big vaping units when you are ready. Doing too much at once can cause you to have a really bad first experience that could harm you and also cause you to become disillusioned with vaping as a whole.

Don’t be stupid and buy the biggest mod kit you can find for your first time. There are plenty of starter packs available out there for your benefit – utilise them!

Hopefully the above give you valuable information on purchasing your first e-cigarette and getting a positive start with vaping.