Why should I use Zen Cart?


I have often been asked: "Why should I use Zen Cart and not any other platform?"


One of my fellow 'Zenners' recently posted this [in reply to a thread on the Zen Cart forum, entitled 'Why I'm quitting Zen Cart']:



{post dated 2015-11-09}


I built my first ZC [Zen Cart] site nearly 13 years ago (early-ish 2003 when ZC forked out of OsC [OsCommerce]).


I've tried many competitive systems over the years and while ALL have pro's and con's, I have found ZC to be the system with the fewest con's.


I have always regarded FUNCTIONALTY being far more important than COSMETICS, and despite what some people say, ZC is one of the easiest systems to tweak from a cosmetics point of view.


Today, visual simplicity is the most critical consideration as a rapidly-increasing number of people move to mobile browsing (and shopping) - and the nice thing about ZC is its very, very easy to GET RID of stuff that can clutter up the site.


Having built over 300 sites in ZC over the years (mostly for other people), 4 years ago we moved out of web consulting to our own retail environment and built some sites for ourselves (all selling much the same stuff) and it's really interesting to see (over the years) that the sites with the simplest user interfaces are the ones that are generating the most business.


Today, people want to get to the product(s) they are seeking quickly and easily, add to cart, then checkout as fast as possible. So this is our core focus... how do we really streamline the user experience to meet modern online shoppers' expectations?


This weekend, we had 416 orders across all 5 sites, with about 72% occurring on our one responsive site - pettags.uk.com which is so "bland" to the eye, you would wonder what makes it so attractive... Well, I'll tell you... rapid and easy navigation to PRODUCT, and simple, FAST checkout. Nothing else matters. We build our sites to suit the way CUSTOMERS like to use them... not on our own ideas of what may "look nice".




The author of this post has a lot of experience with eCommerce and, trust me, he is not being paid by the developers, that is for sure.


You can read the whole thread here:    https://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?218650-Why-I-m-Quitting-Zen-Cart


If it is of any interest, I am posting in that forum under the nick name 'frank18'.


Worth adding, that this [Zen Cart] design philosophy is usually highly rewarded in the Google SE rankings too.


It's all about the 'customer experience' these days.


I am more than happy to construct your Zen Cart eCommerce platform and guide you through the adminstration and customisation side of it.


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See you then!

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