Things You Need To Learn About Electronic Cigarette

Not too many people are aware of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. But those who consume tobacco are aware of this given it is regarded as an alternative to regular cigarettes. Today e-cigs are really becoming popular among tobacco lovers. Though the device was introduced only in 2004, it has become a formidable force in the tobacco industry. Let’s learn some interesting facts regarding e-cigarettes below:

E-cigarette – what is it?

Yes. We have to begin there. Electronic cigarette is used in place of regular cigarettes. As we all know, cigarette smoking is injurious to our health. It is addictive. E-cigarette is the alternative which is slowly winning the hearts of tobacco lovers. And it is here to stay since it is a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

Compared to the earlier versions, e-cigarettes have become so much more sophisticated. Right now it has better mass appeal. In fact, you will be able to buy compact sized e-cigs which resemble regular cigarette.

It tastes like the regular cigarette. E-cigs constitute of e-liquid. When you ignite the coil inside the e-cig the e-liquid will be turned into vapor. E-liquid is available in different flavors. You can go for the flavor you are most comfortable with. Tobacco, cherry, menthol are few options you have.

  • It constitute of nicotine chamber (renewable), atomizer and battery.
  • E-cigarette will be able to recreate the experience of smoking a regular cigarette.
  • It creates vapor which resembles smoke. And there is glow at the end just as in the case of a regular cigarette.
  • The best thing about the nicotine chamber is that you will be able to control the amount of nicotine you consume with the help of cartridges.
  • When you purchase a single nicotine cartridge, it is like buying a pack of cigarettes. It is equivalent to 15-20 cigarettes.
  • You will be able to save lot of money due to the same. Buying regular cigarettes can be expensive in comparison.
  • No-nicotine, low, medium and standard are the cartridge strengths available in the market.

Plenty of benefits

As we have already mentioned, e-cigs are a convenient option compared to regular cigarettes. It comes with plenty of benefits which make it the ideal product for nicotine lovers. Since it doesn’t emit dangerous toxins, you are allowed to use it in public. You will not be putting anyone at risk when you smoke it in public. Given that, you can stay indoors to have dose of nicotine during winter etc. Even in your office, no one will ask you to go to the smoking zone given you will not be causing an inconvenience to anyone. Same holds for pubs and restaurants as well. This makes e-cigs really convenient.  Non-smokers are always worried about passive smoking in the public places. They will have little to worry about when it comes to e-cigarettes. So smokers don’t have to deal with protests from others thanks to e-cigarettes. So in short, e-cigs are cheaper and convenient option. It is an environmentally friendly option as well.